Arsenal fan behind the controversial ‘Arsene Wenger out’ banner finally speaks out

Arsenal fan behind 'Arsene Wenger out' banner speaks out

Arsenal’s 4-0 win over Hull in last round of FA Cup was marred with a banner explicitly wanting Arsene Wenger to quit from his job. Gunners supporters have become frustrated with the lack of trophies at Emirates with FA Cup being the only saving grace for last two season.

The fan who had put up the anti-Wenger banner goes by the name of DT and has come out explaining his decision to do so. DT claims that by staying long at the club and failing to deliver any success, Wenger is just tarnishing his own image, and it is not right for the club as well.

Anti-Wenger banner during the Hull match

Arsenal fan behind 'Arsene Wenger out' banner speaks outDT did not hold back while explaining his feelings towards Wenger, who claims many Arsenal fans including him grown tired of the lies and mediocre time at The Emirates. Speaking with The Sun, DT revealed the real reason behind him putting the anti-Wenger banner at KC Stadium.

DT said“Too many people are accepting mediocrity. If we win the FA Cup, that will let him off for another year. I don’t hate Wenger but he is tarnishing his own legacy.

“The fans do have a voice. We won’t accept what is going on at our club. We don’t have an agenda against Arsenal. We just want what is best for the club.”

DT went on to claim that, many of the fans had backed his decision to put out a public message against the manager. DT confirmed that he tried to do the same last season as well, but was put off by the same supporters, who welcomed his decision this year.

DT continued: “It was not as though we displayed it after a defeat,” he said. “No one disagreed with the banner and we had people applauding us and asking to hold on to it. The contrast from a year ago is massive.”

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